Forgive the recent downtime

You'll have to excuse the recent downtime.

My previous webhost moved my domain to a new server without notifying me ahead of time (they notified me after the fact), and in the process, also moved my hosted email to another server as well. This not only resulted in unexpected downtime, but also lost email I did not have the chance to download before they did (so I lost two days).

As a result, I am moving as much over to the Azure platform as possible and have already transferred my DNS to allow for this to come back up. It took a few days longer than expected.

But as I have seen that the MVC and iCal article was popular, I did what I could to bring this domain back up at least. I think that particular article is helping people out, and now that I have this page up again on a new provider, I hope it will continue to help people out.

Thankfully I kept data sources separate from the previous web host. So all I had to do was point DNS, wait a little, and we were good to go.

Email will be a different story. But hey, as much spam was making it through unfiltered, no big loss, right?