New Portfolio Entries

Over the past couple weeks I've managed to get a couple more portfolio pieces up.

For the sites portfolio, I've recently completed some maintenance over at MyGiraffe, where users can submit events, sporting goods and other gatherings in the Greater Seattle Area. There's quite a few events to choose from, and my updates should add to its utility. In addition to Google Calendar links for each event, there's now the ability to add to iCal as well (for users on iPhones, Macs, etc.). In fact, even Microsoft Outlook users can import the iCal files and add these events to their calendars too, which is a nice plus. I'll be posting soon about how to create an .ics file in MVC using C# (which can be easily adapted to VB.NET if needed).

Another portfolio entry involves Mike & Jean's Berry Farm. They needed a couple pages for an equipment auction they held, and I was tasked with putting up the temporary pages for this (which are offline now). I decided to also make a couple header images to have the pages match the layout of the rest of the site. I adapted these from the original source materials when the site was created a few years back, and was able to replicate an image mask to have the images look similar in feel to the other images on the site. (The original file was missing this mask, so I had to find a way to remake it). Those header images are in my graphics portfolio.

It was a pleasure working with both clients, and would gladly work with them again!